Hey there!

I am Kirsten, a 30-year-old chick battling the urge to dance and run down the street like Phoebe in Friends, not giving a fuck what anyone thinks, and being an “adult” working towards professional, financial and personal goals.  (Clearly, the first one is more fun)

I grew up with a colorful childhood, my family and I lived abroad in various countries and cultures.  Until one day, while sitting on a Turkish rug eating naan bread and hummus my parents declared it was time to move to America.  They needed to ensure my brother and I didn’t get too messed up, that I didn’t go through puberty wearing an abaya and to learn what it meant to be patriotic citizens.  ‘Merica!

I babbled through middle school with complete confusion on how to assimilate into America.  I was Lindsey Lohan from Mean Girls, except I wasn’t hot, no one asked me why I was white and So Fetch was only the name of my brother’s Ska band.  

One Catholic Girl High School experience, a D1 student-Athlete college life later and nearly a decade of work as an engineer (I didn’t even have an engineering degree and somehow was able to convince a seriously acclaimed Biotech company to hire me.  I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no. My boss was a happily married chick.) and I landed here…

A freelance writer in Southern California.  And like every other person living within a 100-mile radius of LA, also acting.  Watch out Isla Fisher, I’m coming for you (to be bff’s obviously).

In order to fulfill my creative cup and pursue life’s wildest dreams, I am writing a book.  It will be emotional, raw, funny and full of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll (okay maybe less rock’n’roll and more Odseza, but…same same)

During this time, I am also exploring everything that life has.  If there is one think I know about myself it is this: I need to constantly do and learn.  This journey will yes be about writing, it will also be about exploration and all that life can give.  

I went to a medium and she told me I know more than I give myself credit for so maybe I’ll drop a knowledge bomb here or there along the way.  Especially now that this website is flagged on the terrorist list for using the word “bomb” …and now also terrorist…and now I used both twice.  Shit.

Anyways, as my old-man crush Stephen King says, “If you plan to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered anyways.”  Let the countdown begin…

So, dive deep with me on this journey as we experience life in the truest form!  No filter, no editing of who I am or what I think and say.

This is me.  I hope you enjoy!  



Professional Word Services

When I’m not writing gushingly embarrassing stories about my past, I am freelance writing. I ghostwrite for some pretty inspiring people and also do copy writing and content support.  

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, manage a non-profit or have a compelling story to tell, let’s talk!  You probably need help with managing your writing time, organizing your thoughts, editing your content or let’s face it, doing all of it, and I would love to help: