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The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

Oh Amy…this book opens with a letter she wrote to her Vagina. So basically it’s amazing. Perhaps it will be an addition to The Vagina Monologues.

Now before you brush this book of by telling yourself “Oh it’s just another basic white girl celebrity telling her dumb stories.”
Stop yo’ self you judgmental bitch!

I love reading autobiographies about people whom I know nothing about, yet have created a strong opinion about them already. In this case, I loved Amy and made the assumption that she grew up a whimsical life eating pasta and drinking enough wine to sink a pirate ship. This is partially true.
However…beyond her eating and drinking habits, this book reveals that she has a father with a majorly debilitating disease, was a victim of assault, was in a physically and verbally abusive relationship, was part of a broken family and fought through some major periods of failure.

Having listened to this book on audible while driving to and from Arizona, her voice filled me with love, laughter and inspiration. Whether she meant this book to do that or not, it worked.

She introduces this book saying it is not a self-help book and holds no recommendations. But, she does shed a powerful light on hard topics in a comedic way. Don’t discredit her humor for naivety, and raunchiness for lack of compassion.

This is a quote from the book…if it isn’t inspiring and helpful–I don’t know what is:“Love yourself! You don’t need a man or a boy or a self-proclaimed love expert to tell you what you’re worth. Your power comes from who you are and what you do! You don’t need all that noise, that constant hum in the background telling you whether or not you’re good enough. All you need is you, your friends, and your family. And you will find the right person for you, if that’s what you want – the one who respects your strength and beauty.”

Also, based upon taking the book cover art photo, which felt literally IMPOSSIBLE,I realized one of a few things:,

1. Amy Schumer has the neck of an Owl and can literally turn in ways no one can.

2. I need to go back to my chiropractor because my neck mobility is limited

3. I am so glad I never got a lower back tattoo…sorry Amy.

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