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Next Level Basic

Disclaimer: I had no idea who Stassi was when I bought this book, nor have I watched a single episode of Bravo or her reality show Vanderpumps Rules…
Needless to say, this beautiful blue book was purchased with a sense of wonder, “Will this teach me how basic I might be?”
And the answer is…yes.
For those that are not aware, my quick google search discovered this: Stassi Schroeder is a TV personality that was on Vanderpump Rules, a spin-off from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she now hosts a Podcast Straight Up with Stassi.
She might be the definition of a basic bitch, a title she proudly embraces, so who better to write this book!
Upon initial consideration, Stassi and I have nothing in common. But here’s the thing, after reading this book I realized that we both are the following: 5’7, Cancer signs (hard exterior but actually secretly sensitive), know what good Ranch Dressing is, love to learn about serial killers, and went through an extensive Spice Girls & overall phase as a kid.
What this means is, sometimes, you have to look a little deeper to find commonalities, but they do exist. And it is through these commonalities that connections can be made and a level of empathy will be built.
The less judgment we can put on others, the faster we realize how similar people really are.
This book is broken up into four sections, the first of which is titled “Basic AF”. Now, we all have some level of “basic” within us, and it is really only a matter of whether you allow yourself to accept this part of who you are.
I openly love to wear Uggs, think the color pink is beautiful, love Rom-Coms (especially those with Kate Hudson and Mathew McConehey) and am still anxiously waiting to one day be someones Valentine-perhaps 2020 is the year!
Stassi has a very strong perspective on..basically everything.
She has a 4-page rant about having your phone charged and an entire section of the book dedicated to the best Hot Dogs in the world (greatly appreciated). She also goes into her strange obsession with horror and ghosts and is very honest about any wellness or “work” that she has done to herself.
The entire book is Stassi being authentically herself and using the platform she built to share this level of acceptance with others.
What I took away from this book is this: accept every bit of who you are, whether that is a basic part of yourself or a weird kirk that you love!
If you dream to wear a velour tracksuit and drink a spiced latte while you send your guy a selfie-go for it! Or equally important, if you want to rock crocs with a Star Wars t-shirt and read graphic novels more power to you!
Because here is the thing, you are who you, and the sooner you embrace who that is, the faster life gets to be exactly how you want it!
At the close of the book Stassi states “As trivial as talking about embracing your basic bitch may be, maybe it’s my way of contributing to society in a positive way, by helping people be themselves, no matter what the haters say. Because when you feel wholly yourself, that’s when we are our happiest.”
This book is likely not for everyone. But, if you think you are basic AF or enjoy watching reality TV, take a look for something fun to flip through and read!
As always, I would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts…how are you basic?

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